What is Text Bot Ava and Why Do I Need It?

TextBot Ava is a computerized message messaging system that permits anyone to use the power and productivity of text messaging marketing! TextBot is also called AVA, (Automated Virtual Assistant). It is just like having your very own online robot that helps individuals advertise their businesses without speaking to anybody. When you sign up, you receive a telephone number to use with AVA and to do SMS Marketing . It also has a built-in affiliate system to generate income when you share the software program or system with others. TextBotAVA holds real-time, human-like text conversations with everyone who is linked to her. She responds to questions, provides the information, follows up, and can also send out any email you desire her to, and as I stated, she does it all by text! The 2nd unique function of is the capacity to develop custom search phrases that can be utilized with the individual telephone number you are provided when you sign up. When you create a personaliz